2022-01-12 18:02:47
- written by user Delgado Peña José Jesús

Thank you very much for your interest on the results from the SSE project. The main outputs are available as follows


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2022-01-12 17:56:28
- written by user Delgado Peña José Jesús

The EU's population and workforce are ageing. The proportion of people over 55 is expected to reach about 37% by 2030. Inactivity in older age groups increases pressure on social security and pension systems.

The impact on the labour force is reinforced by the ageing of the large cohort of the population, known as the "baby boom generation", which is retiring. This growing population of healthy older people has the skills, financial resources and time available to contribute to economic activity

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2021-12-20 17:23:22
- written by user Chalupeková Dana

We started working on the Senior Social Entrepreneurship project in 2019 and it is finishing these days. The main starting points for its implementation were that "Europe is aging" and in a little over ten years, older people in the EU will make up a third of the total population and, on the other hand, this group has personal and professional experience and social ties that they could contribute to building an inclusive society.

We think that if they have an idea and motivation and maybe even t

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